Tough Crowd

I recently taught my septugenarian parents how to text. I was ambivalent, but it has turned out to be great fun.  My father doesn’t quite get the concept, he tends to text long letters that start with “Dearest B,” and sign them at the end (umm, I know it’s from you, Dad!) but my mom has really taken to it. It’s been a win-win, because she feels hip and we have a way to keep in touch even when I am working a lot and have zero desire to talk on the phone. A recent gem:


Bradley Cooper should be thankful my mom is not an Academy member.

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4 thoughts on “Tough Crowd

  1. SL says:

    Ha. Nice they can text…my mom just told me she and her friend were at the mall and went to a movie and totally avoided answering which movie they saw. “What did you see.”…”Umm..your dad was napping.” “What did you see, Mom?” “Fifty shades of Gray” Aiya. Imagine them being the only 70 year old ladies watching it. She says they didn’t know what they were going to watch. EEEEKK.

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  2. SL says:

    Your mom is so awesome

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