Happy Year of the Wood Goat!

A mythical Qilin, hanging out at the Grove

A mythical Qilin, hanging out at the Grove.

I love Chinese New Year. Besides receiving hong bao (cash-stuffed red envelopes) from your elders (sadly, a tradition that I have aged out of), it is about family, friends and good food. I also love it because it is a second chance to start anew. Since the lunar new year tends to fall between late January to mid-February, it provides the opportunity to reassess what has or hasn’t been working in the first 5-8 weeks of the Gregorian calendar year. You’ve had a chance to give it a go but it’s still early enough to change tack if your initial efforts haven’t produced the results you were hoping for. It’s a free do-over of sorts. On the other hand, if you are on track and have kept up with your resolutions, you can just give yourself a pat on the back and eat dumplings!

Hand-rolled skins...making Waipo proud.

Homemade dumplings, wrappers and all…making Waipo proud.

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