Autocorrect is Completely Inappropriate

I was trying to tell my friend about my blog today. I mentioned that I am keeping it anonymous because of the nature of my work. I also like that it is my creative outlet separate from my day job. Autocorrect managed to mangle an innocent text into this:


While we are close, my friend Paul is my BFF’s fiance. My BFF is gay. His response:


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4 thoughts on “Autocorrect is Completely Inappropriate

  1. SL says:

    I just followed up with an architect we are using and was horrified to read the last email I sent “We are just coming off the subway and are ‘fu–$ing’ to your office.” OMG. Horrible, horrible. He was nice enough to know it was auto-correct. I am not sure how ‘heading’ turned into the f word on the iphone. Grrr…

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  2. Happy to see you here, SL! xoxo


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