Ask your question. Out loud.

Ask your question. Out loud.

So continuing with the series on things I love, I just spent another afternoon at my new favorite Lazy Sunday hangout, LINK. I always end up staying there about an hour (or two or three) longer than I intend to. Other than making their own sausages on premises (this Oriental Lady does love a good sausage…interpret as you will), they also have a large selection of beers on tap and a full bar with a pretty badass mixologist. And they are walking distance from my house, which is a plus, since they also serve bottomless mimosas on weekends. The latter being the reason that I am usually only sober for the first thirty minutes I am there and why the staff gets to enjoy has to politely listen to my ranting and raving. I am a purist, so my favorite is the Hollywood: a classic pork link with relish, caramelized onions, and mustard. I told one of the owners that I detest most condiments but they make their own relish (it tastes like the pickled vegetables on a Vietnamese bahn mi sandwich) and it is really good. What I also like about LINK is that everyone who works there is genuine, funny (i.e. they laugh at my jokes) and passionate about what they are doing. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a Cheers to hang out at, but I am about as close to being a barfly as I am to being a supermodel. But due to aforementioned ranting and raving, I’m pleased to say that (almost) everyone who works there knows my name. If you happen to be in LA, check it out for yourselves—they are so serious about happy hour, they do it twice a day from 4pm to 7pm and 10pm to midnight, every day! I highly recommend sitting at the bar. I swear I don’t work for them nor do I have any vested interest in singing their praises…

How can you not love a place that uses this signage?

How can you not love a place that uses this signage?

Okay. Maybe I lie. Maybe I expect a pint on the house the next time I’m there. ;)

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6 thoughts on “I Love LINK

  1. onlybadchi says:

    So glad this is in LA, can’t wait to try it!!! Thanks!

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  2. onlybadchi says:

    Also not to be creepy, but I just saw where it is and it’s also very close to where I live, so we must live close! :)

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  3. I mean, I’m hard to miss, considering I am basically Asian Barbie and about 5 inches tall :)


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