Selfies I Approve Of

You know you are getting old and/or becoming a curmudgeon when you finally hear yourself utter the phrase, “kids these days…” I don’t get selfies. Part of it is pure vanity; my arm is not nearly long enough to take a picture of myself that would be attractive. Fear of double chin and turkey neck stops me from even considering it. Secondly, if you are on vacation, instead of a pretty vista or landmark in the background, you have a picture of…your face. What, you say? Use a selfie stick? The person who thought of this invention is opportunistic pretty smart but should also be spanked. Every time another museum bans selfie sticks (you go, Versailles and Smithsonian!), the little misanthrope in me does a dance.

Recently, though, I did come across a form of selfie I could get behind: Danish Artist Olivia Muus has created the Museum of Selfies. This is an occasion when a picture is definitely worth a thousand words:

Image courtesy of Museum of Selfies Tumblr page

Image courtesy of Museum of Selfies Tumblr page

It’s art imitating life imitating art. So meta. And genius!

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3 thoughts on “Selfies I Approve Of

  1. MissMay says:

    I take pictures of myself from time-to-time, but they are few and far between…
    My favorites are the ones in dirty rooms. Ew.
    And, that word… I shudder even typing ‘selfie’. haha.

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  2. Julita says:

    The other day I caught three of my 2nd grade students pretending to take a selfie with a piece of seaweed snack. Multiple times. (They had to retake it, I assume, because the first ones didn’t come out. I think the girl in the middle blinked.)

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