Roasted Beet Salad with Avocado and Honey Yogurt

In an effort to be healthier and eat more fruits and vegetables, I recently joined a CSA-box delivery program and started bringing my lunch to work. This recipe is making me looking forward to my lunch today: I had a salad at Cucina Enoteca recently that was so delicious yet simple that I jotted down the ingredients and attempted to re-create it at home.

The restaurant version has “lemony-roasted beets,” microbasil and pistachios. My version has “what I had on hand that was similar.” Since I cook with the Eyeball, Pinch and Taste method, all measurements are approximate.

No, this not all I am eating for lunch. Just the most photogenic part.

No, this is not all I am eating for lunch. This is just the healthiest most photogenic part.


Makes one serving in no time at all.

1 medium-sized beet or 3-4 baby ones, roasted (you can roast them yourself or use Trader Joe’s roasted baby beets to save time)

microkale mix ( I love microgreens but frankly, they all taste pretty much the same to me)

2 tablespoons plain greek yogurt

drizzle of honey

half of a small avocado

coarsely chopped Marcona almonds

balsamic vinegar

Cut beet(s) and avocado in cubes and plate. Sprinkle microgreens around the cubes. Stir a drizzle of honey into the yogurt and add dollops in an arty fashion. Sprinkle with chopped almonds. Drizzle with a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar. Enjoy. Instead of yogurt, I would imagine that dollops of soft goat cheese would be quite tasty too.

Doctor’s note: Do not be alarmed if 4-6 hours later you are convinced that you are peeing blood. If you have back pain, fever or burning when you urinate, go to a clinic. If not, it’s called beeturia and is directionally proportional to the number of beets you’ve consumed and completely harmless. If this still frightens you, substitute golden beets instead. You’re welcome! :)

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