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A Quick Shout Out!

WordPress just informed me that my site had a visitor from Albania today. My very first. Thanks for visiting, person from Albania! That is so cool that I wanted to give you a personal shout out!

Dinosaur jokes aside, I really do think the Internet is pretty amazing. These days, technology can connect or disconnect people—at the same time. Glad that this is an example of the former.

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Selfies I Approve Of

You know you are getting old and/or becoming a curmudgeon when you finally hear yourself utter the phrase, “kids these days…” I don’t get selfies. Part of it is pure vanity; my arm is not nearly long enough to take a picture of myself that would be attractive. Fear of double chin and turkey neck stops me from even considering it. Secondly, if you are on vacation, instead of a pretty vista or landmark in the background, you have a picture of…your face. What, you say? Use a selfie stick? The person who thought of this invention is opportunistic pretty smart but should also be spanked. Every time another museum bans selfie sticks (you go, Versailles and Smithsonian!), the little misanthrope in me does a dance.

Recently, though, I did come across a form of selfie I could get behind: Danish Artist Olivia Muus has created the Museum of Selfies. This is an occasion when a picture is definitely worth a thousand words:

Image courtesy of Museum of Selfies Tumblr page

Image courtesy of Museum of Selfies Tumblr page

It’s art imitating life imitating art. So meta. And genius!

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I follow UberFacts on Twitter because, sometimes, I just want to enrich my knowledge of completely random but often hilarious subjects. This is what I got when I shared one of these facts with my mother:



Well, I am the one who brought it up. Lesson learned. Do not speak of things you know not do not ever want to know.

*I did not know how to make an “e” with an accent OR an umlaut for the “u”. Please feel free to educate me if you do!

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I Love My Friends (aka Bitmoji Love, Part Two)

Last week, I waxed poetic about the Bitmoji app that I had heard about on the “Today” show. It literally makes me laugh out loud at least once a day. I have been trying to convince my friends to make their Bitmojis. Several of them have humored me and no one has regretted it (well, ok, they regret it in the sense that they are also becoming obsessed with it):

I need two more for...Bitmoji Hollywood Squares!

I need two more for…Bitmoji Hollywood Squares!

This is has been no easy feat. Except for the gentleman in the leotard, my friends and I are technological dinosaurs. We did not have smartphones when we were in high school. Or college. Or graduate school. (Ok, I’ll stop now!) After I kept bugging her, one of my friends above recruited her twelve year-old daughter to make hers. Thanks for indulging me, guys!

Yes, this is a thinly veiled attempt to guilt more friends into joining the tribe. You know who you are.


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I Love My Peeps

These will be a collector's item any day now.

These will be a collector’s item any day now. Note the original packaging.

For some, spring is heralded by the arrival of warmer weather, daffodils and birds chirping. For me, it is the appearance of marshmallow bunnies and chicks covered in colored sanding sugar. I love toasted marshmallows, s’mores, marshmallow fluff, marshmallow sauce, chocolate covered, floating in hot cocoa, etc. but I don’t like plain marshmallows. I find the coating of flour/cornstarch/whatever they use to keep them from sticking to each other to be a little off-putting. Behold, the genius of Peeps: coat puffy clouds of sugar with…more sugar!!!

Behold, a wand of marshmallow magic.

Behold, a wand of marshmallow magic.

I’m not sure how it started, but I have an annual tradition of gifting my friend N the coolest new Peeps item I can find. Some past finds: Peeps plushies, a giant hollow chocolate egg with Peeps inside, Peeps shaped cookie cutters (if you are reading this, N, that was a not-so subtle hint for you to bake cookies and bring them to work). I honestly look forward to seeing what the peeps at Peeps come up with and surprising N. Of course, I usually have to buy myself one of whatever I get her. Except for the cookie cutters. Why do I need them if she if going to bake me cookies?

Great with coffee.

Great with coffee.

I have a threadbare t-shirt in my closet I refuse to throw out: it says “Give Peeps a Chance” and has a cartoon of a Peeps chick with an olive branch in its mouth. If you know where I can get a new one (this one has now shrunk from normal to baby tee to not-suitable-for-public-wear), let me know. But if you think I love my Peeps, check out these folk who love to get their Peeps diorama on!

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No Words

Despite much progress in appreciating the diversity that makes up this country, even from the days of those Benetton ads, for those who think racism is no longer a big deal, I have three (technically, four) words: Fraternity. University of Oklahoma.

Ok, I will put my soapbox away now.

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I am Obsessed with Bitmoji

I heard about this new app called Bitmoji from watching the “Today” show last week. It is genius. You make an avatar of yourself and then it creates a myriad of emojis (cartoons, really) with “you” in them. Some of them are so random and/or ridiculous I have actually laughed out loud (I am a dinosaur and refuse to LOL) while sending them. Such as this one I sent to a friend who texted that she had food poisoning:

imoji (1)

There is a good one of “me” sitting on a toilet too but a lady would not post that publicly. I have been trying to convince my friends to download it, because the cartoons are hysterical and to be honest, I just want to see what they look like in Bitmoji. So far, three of them have caved. And yes, they are now obsessed too.

In case you were wondering what I really look like.

In case you were wondering what I really look like.

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Autocorrect is Completely Inappropriate

I was trying to tell my friend about my blog today. I mentioned that I am keeping it anonymous because of the nature of my work. I also like that it is my creative outlet separate from my day job. Autocorrect managed to mangle an innocent text into this:


While we are close, my friend Paul is my BFF’s fiance. My BFF is gay. His response:


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That Buddha, He Sure is Smart

If you can do something about it, do not worry.

If you cannot do something about it, do not worry.


This quote comes in handy when my mind is wrangling things that cannot be changed/aren’t my desired outcome/are completely beyond my control. One of my new year’s resolutions (Chinese and otherwise) is to cut down on complaining at work (it’s hard–try it for yourselves!) or at the very least, avoid non-constructive complaining, i.e. try to come up with a solution, not just complain for the sake of complaining. Having said that, about two seconds after I announced my resolution to my colleague/friend N, I starting ranting about the ridiculousness of some recent office politics.

N: That’s not complaining, is it?

Me: No, it’s just me pointing out an objective fact.

N: (laughing) Just checking.

Oh, Buddha. Give me strength.

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I Love Trader Joe’s

I got carded last night while buying a chardonnay at Trader Joe’s. I’m not a wine drinker, but I’m having company and I’m serving fish so I basically picked one of the two white wines I’ve tasted and can remember the name of (Edna Valley, 2013 if you’re wondering). It’s probably a sign I’m well past the drinking age when my face lights up and I’m excitedly digging out my driver’s license. One perk of being an Oriental Lady is that we tend to appear younger than our stated ages but let’s just say that it is physiologically possible for me to have birthed a child who would be of legal drinking age today.  I’m not sure what the kids are drinking these days, but I would hope that if you did get your millennial hands on a fake ID, chardonnay would not be on the top of your list. Unless it’s cool because of that whole hipster irony clause. A few years ago, I was carded for buying dry cooking sherry and parmesan crisps (I know how to party). Again, I was flattered and giddy, but also thinking…seriously?!

Anyhow, thank you Trader Joe’s cashier lady, you made my night! Did I mention I love Trader Joe’s? Great prices, huge selection of (sometimes odd but always interesting) items and carding? I swear I don’t work for them, but I would buy their stock in a hot minute if they weren’t a privately held company. Yes, I actually looked into it :)

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