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Don’t Build your Own Glass Ceiling

Last weekend, I decided to run a 5k while on vacation in San Diego. I grew up there and knew the course would be pretty flat and a quick one. I was looking to PR. Not that it would be difficult because I do not run 5ks very often (prefer 10k and half-marathons) and my last time was 29:55, circa 2008. To commit, I told a few people I was aiming to run a 26:00 and under…because I knew that was pretty safe. I was pretty sure I could run an average of an 8:20ish mile for 3.1 miles.

Saturday AM, I’m running on adrenaline and Nespresso. I keep thinking about what my run coach/friend/ass-whooper O texted me: Don’t doubt yourself!!! At the end of the day it’s only 26 minutes of your life. I have a bad habit of holding back, even during workout runs.  It’s partly subconscious; am I worried that if I go out too fast, I might get tired/run out of gas and then what…God forbid…have to walk?! So this time I tried to just run as good as I felt, while glancing at my Garmin every 5 minutes or so rather than every 30 seconds. When I was coming around the bend and saw the finish line (and my dad standing there cheering me on), I knew I would make my goal. What I didn’t know then was that I ran an average 7:56/mi pace and won first in my age division! I couldn’t have been more excited. Ok, maybe my dad was more excited. It was an amazing start to a great day–which was followed by an afternoon spent at the beach and awesome dinner with my visiting BFF. I also learned a good lesson: don’t hold back, (applies to racing and, well, life in general): putting your whole self out there, even if you fail, is always gonna be a win. My new goal? Sub-24!

Race morning. In another lifetime, I was to be married at this spot. Life has a sense of humor, so it's probably best I do too!

Race morning. In another lifetime, I was to be married here. Life has a sense of humor, so it’s probably good that I do too :)

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I Love Trader Joe’s

I got carded last night while buying a chardonnay at Trader Joe’s. I’m not a wine drinker, but I’m having company and I’m serving fish so I basically picked one of the two white wines I’ve tasted and can remember the name of (Edna Valley, 2013 if you’re wondering). It’s probably a sign I’m well past the drinking age when my face lights up and I’m excitedly digging out my driver’s license. One perk of being an Oriental Lady is that we tend to appear younger than our stated ages but let’s just say that it is physiologically possible for me to have birthed a child who would be of legal drinking age today.  I’m not sure what the kids are drinking these days, but I would hope that if you did get your millennial hands on a fake ID, chardonnay would not be on the top of your list. Unless it’s cool because of that whole hipster irony clause. A few years ago, I was carded for buying dry cooking sherry and parmesan crisps (I know how to party). Again, I was flattered and giddy, but also thinking…seriously?!

Anyhow, thank you Trader Joe’s cashier lady, you made my night! Did I mention I love Trader Joe’s? Great prices, huge selection of (sometimes odd but always interesting) items and carding? I swear I don’t work for them, but I would buy their stock in a hot minute if they weren’t a privately held company. Yes, I actually looked into it :)

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