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Pilates is My Yoga

I have tried yoga a handful (two handfuls, really) of times and I still haven’t been hooked. I’m sure I will try it again sometime in the future but I find it more frustrating than calming. Unless you are in a smallish class, as a beginner, you’re pretty much on your own. Also, there is always that one guy or gal who has to exhale orgasmically after some downward dog or chattaraunga. Aside from being unnecessary and a little TMI, it also makes me feel like I am definitely doing it wrong. My inner not-so yogi wants to shout: show-off!

Enter Pilates. It requires controlled breathing and focus on your body and posture, but the nature of the discipline and the Reformer make it more clinical, which suits me just fine. I started practicing after I had spine surgery, as a form of physical therapy, but I have come to find it soothing as well. I have arrived at class, full of road rage from an evening commute and left calmer, stretched out and sweaty. Not to mention having to log roll out of bed the next morning because my abs were so sore.

A goal to strive for.

A goal to strive for.

I tried a new class last Friday–Pilates Jumpboard. I love it. A board is placed at the foot of the Reformer and with only 1-2 springs attached, it’s plyometrics, while lying down—perfect for a lazy exerciser like myself. My instructor, Jenny Tate, is awesome. She is high energy without being overboard, always has a¬†fun playlist and the classes are limited to 5 students, which is basically semi-private. As my friend I says, after a certain age (any age, really), exercise is no longer a luxury or an option. It’s medicine. If you live in LA, you should check out Jenny’s studio. Just don’t take my Reformer!

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