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It’s The Little Things

A more Rubenesque Siren

A more Rubenesque Siren

This is my new favorite coffee mug. My friends, K and D, who also happen to be my neighbors, brought it back for me from the Starbucks mothership in Seattle. The logo is a throwback, with the NC-17 version of the Siren, rather than the stylized one currently in use. They got it for me because they thought I would like the venti-sized nature of the mug and well, it just reminded them of me. Because 99.9% of the time they knock on my door, I can be heard shouting, “Hold on! I’m not wearing a bra!!!” And then I proceed to answer the door anyway, with my arms crossed over my chest, where they stay for the duration of the conversation.

With friends like these…life is more fun!

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